10 AI Marketing Tools to Power Up Your Business in 2023

August 16, 2023
A striking visual of a rising bar chart with AI algorithms supporting its ascent, exemplifying how AI and automation can elevate business performance.

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing marketing. What used to require huge teams and budgets is now accessible even for small businesses and solopreneurs. AI marketing tools are opening up new possibilities for marketers to optimize their efforts and boost results like never before.

In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 AI tools every marketer needs to know for 2023. Whether you want to skyrocket your SEO, create viral social media posts, or send hyper-targeted emails, these futuristic platforms leverage AI to elevate your performance. Let’s dive in!

Surfer SEO Logo

Looking to take your content’s SEO to the next level? Surfer SEO is the top SEO tool you need in your toolbox. This powerful platform analyzes your content against the highest rankingpages for target keywords.

How does Surfer SEO work its magic? It examines critical ranking factors like semantic NLP terms, word count, images, and more. Then it provides specific recommendations to optimize your content for higher Google rankings. Surfer SEO also lets you customize SERP analysis by country to localize content. You can even create detailed outlines and briefs for writers based on competitors’ content.

For ongoing optimization, Surfer SEO’s Grow Flow feature continuously monitors your published pages. It detects content decay issues like aging or decreasing usefulness that causes rankings to slip. Website managers and content editors love Surfer SEO for drastically improving quality. Take your content SEO to the top with this must-have tool.

Jasper AI Logo

Jasper is the Swiss Army knife of AI writers for marketers needing versatile content output. This advanced platform goes beyond basic GPT-3 models with a proprietary language model specifically trained on live marketing copy.

What makes Jasper stand out? It integrates directly with Surfer SEO data to optimize content for higher rankings. A user-friendly ChatGPT interface enables conversational content creation. Jasper even generates images from text prompts with its Art feature.

For writers regularly producing large volumes of marketing content, Jasper is a must-have assistant. Unlike basic AI tools, Jasper’s specialized training delivers copy that truly resonates for branding and conversions. If you’re looking to take your content production to the next level, Jasper brings the AI firepower you need.

Ocoya Logo

Tired of piecing together various tools to manage social media? Ocoya eliminates the hassle with an all-in-one AI platform. This social media scheduling hero improves on tools like Buffer and Hootsuite for next-level functionality.

Ocoya amps up your social game with AI-powered content creation. Just provide a bit of prompting and its intelligent writer crafts posts optimized for each network. A huge library of customizable templates gives you endless visual options. Ocoya also enables easy cross-channel scheduling and integrates with ecommerce catalogs.

Who benefits most from Ocoya? Social media managers get a major efficiency boost consolidating into one system. The AI assistant follows best practices to increase engagement and conversions. Agencies love managing multi-client workflows. With Ocoya, take your social media productivity and performance to new heights.

Pictory AI Logo

Want to break into video marketing but don’t have the resources? Pictory AI makes video creation achievable without expensive software or creative teams. This ingenious video generator allows taking written content and transforming it into powerful video assets.

The process is straightforward. Pictory AI’s AI generates voiceovers from your text, pulls relevant stock footage and background music, and combines them into a polished video. You can even fine-tune the final product by editing the auto-generated transcript. Captions are added automatically as well.

Whether you need video ads, social media spots, or product explainers, Pictory AI has you covered. Businesses can supplement their text content with on-brand videos that captivate audiences. For marketers and content creators seeking an automated, affordable video solution, Pictory AI is an ideal choice. Moving into video marketing has never been simpler.

Otter.ai Logo

Tired of wasting time in meetings and losing track of decisions made? Otter.ai is the AI-powered meeting assistant that takes notes so you can focus on the conversation.

This ingenious transcription tool listens in on meetings and captures crucial details. It identifies speakers, timestamps transcriptions, and saves presented slides. Otter.ai creates searchable shared notes automatically, eliminating the need to designate a note taker.

Marketing and sales teams bogged down by excessive meetings should adopt Otter.ai. Its real-time transcription and collaboration features ensure no insights get lost. Finally, make your meetings more focused and actionable. With Otter.ai’s AI notetaking, you can get back valuable work time.

GrowthBar Logo

Looking to create high-ranking SEO content, but don’t know where to start? GrowthBar is like your personal AI content strategist, helping craft optimized posts that drive traffic.

It provides all the research tools you need in one place – keyword volumes, difficulty data, and analysis of current top results. GrowthBar even creates content outlines based on what’s already working for competitors. Then its AI writer handles cranking out perfectly optimized drafts ready for you to refine.

For freelance writers and content marketers focused on SEO, GrowthBar is a great fit. It handles the tedious stuff like research and writing initial drafts. This leaves you to focus on expert analysis and refinement. And at $11 less per month than Surfer SEO, it’s easier on small budgets too. Give your content an SEO boost with GrowthBar.

Tidio Logo

Tidio offers some really cool chatbot tools that can seriously boost customer service and conversions. Basically, it lets you build customized bots that chat like real people.

The Tidio+ plan unlocks the full AI experience, where the bots have unlimited conversations and hand off chats to human agents flawlessly when needed. So customers get their questions answered immediately, which helps drive more sales.

For online businesses, Tidio seems like a no-brainer. Bots chatting with shoppers can suggest products, offer deals, and rescue abandoned carts. The AI tech costs more but regular chatbots are still super helpful. If you’re looking to step up your customer service game, Tidio is worth a close look.

Lately Logo

Struggling to repurpose content for social media? Lately is the AI-powered solution for creating optimized social posts tailored to your audience. This platform analyzes your existing content and translates it into shareable micro-content.

Lately’s AI studies your brand voice, followers, and past engagement data. It then intelligently repurposes long-form content into snackable social updates. The AI even creates new posts based on URLs you provide. Once your content is generated, Lately handles scheduling and publishing across multiple platforms.

Businesses with expansive content archives can put them to work with Lately. Effortlessly spin existing blogs, guides, and reports into targeted social content. Lately allows growing teams to increase output and engagement by maximizing prior knowledge. Take your social media game to new heights with this AI-driven content repurposing tool.

Adzooma Logo

Tired of the manual heavy lifting required to optimize paid ads? Let Adzooma‘s AI take the wheel. This powerful ad management platform streamlines oversight of campaigns across Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more.

Adzooma provides a unified dashboard to monitor performance metrics for all your ads. Its AI algorithms analyze the data, identify issues limiting results, and give specific suggestions to boost conversions and lower cost per click. You can easily implement its recommendations with a few clicks.

For digital advertisers and search marketers, Adzooma is a game changer. The AI eliminates tedious hours manually combing through reports and crunching numbers. By effortlessly optimizing based on data-backed insights, you can manage more campaigns and achieve unprecedented ROI.

human 2x removebg preview

Want to send hyper-targeted emails without complex segmentation? Personalize uses AI to do the heavy lifting for you. It tracks every customer interaction to build detailed interest profiles.

These constantly-updated profiles are then used to match people with relevant products and content. Personalize automatically segments your email list based on these profiles. From there, you can send automated, personalized campaigns tailored to each subscriber.

For companies with diverse product catalogs, Personalize is a game changer. Marketers can benefit from AI-powered segmentation and customization without tedious setup of complex CRM rules. Let Personalize leverage customer data to send emails that convert. Take the guesswork out of personalization.

Adopting AI for Marketing Success

Marketing technology is progressing faster than ever. Don’t miss out on the game-changing potential of AI. Adding just a few of these futuristic platforms into your stack positions you lightyears ahead of competitors.

The automation, optimization, and creativity enabled by AI marketing tools allow delivering results previously unattainable. Adopt these solutions now and realize unprecedented growth. The marketing singularity is here – embrace it.

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