The Best AI Video Generator Tools to Boost Your Video Production in 2023

July 26, 2023
A close-up shot of a person's eye reflecting futuristic visuals and data patterns, symbolizing the idea of perceiving the world through AI-enhanced vision.

Creating video content is a massive time commitment. You have to write a script, capture footage, and edit everything together into a polished final product. For most people, this process requires an enormous investment of time and effort. Luckily, AI now provides solutions to automate parts of the video creation workflow. 

New smart video editing software and text-to-video generators help slash the time needed to produce high-quality videos. Whether you want to run a YouTube channel, make social media content, or repurpose videos for different platforms, there are amazing AI tools available. After extensively testing the top options, I’ve compiled a list of the best AI video assistants to help you produce great videos faster. Keep reading to learn how these tools can save you time and take your video content to the next level.

Visla Logo

Don’t let a blank page stop your next video. Visla‘s AI can generate polished scripts to kickstart production. Just input a topic, and Visla creates complete narration with concise paragraphs optimized for video.

But Visla doesn’t stop there. Its smart engine also suggests stock footage and images to visually match the script. The end result is an editable video draft with solid flow straight out of the gate.

Visla further speeds up recording and editing. Its teleprompter mode helps speakers stay on script, and the AI removes filler words like “um” automatically. You can edit clips right in the transcript without traditional timeline splicing.

While Visla’s guides are limited, it simplifies video creation end-to-end. Whether you need a narrative, cohesive visuals, or editing assistance, Visla provides the tools to go from idea to shareable video efficiently. When facing a blank slate, this AI video assistant gets you up and running in no time.

Visla pricing: The free plan permits 50 minutes of video, 3 hours of transcription, and 10GB storage. Their Premium paid plan is $24/month without limits on duration or transcription and 100GB of storage.

Synthesia Logo

Want to star in your own videos but don’t like being on camera? With Synthesia, you can pick an avatar from their huge library of digital humans to be the face of your brand instead. Synthesia’s avatars are high quality and multi-lingual, allowing you to effortlessly translate scripts into other languages. Just type in a script, and Synthesia works its magic to make your avatar speak and move realistically. The avatar’s lips sync up perfectly to the words.

What do you do when you have to make training videos but your team is camera shy? Synthesia is a great alternative to hiring real on-camera talent. You can browse dozens of realistic looking avatars to find the right virtual host. Then customize the avatar by matching it with the perfect voiceover. Once you input the script, Synthesia convincingly animates the avatar’s lips and body to match the narration.

The interface makes it simple to focus on bringing your avatar to life. You can even translate the script into another language at the click of a button. Watching the avatar seamlessly switch from English to French is seriously impressive! While not totally flawless, the avatars look surprisingly realistic at smaller sizes. I actually thought a Synthesia avatar was a real person at first!

Synthesia avatars aren’t quite ready for the big screen yet though. You might notice some odd movements if displayed full size. But for corporate videos, training tutorials, and online explainers, they are a game-changing stand-in for live on-camera talent. Until you can hire real actors down the road, Synthesia lets you create virtual spokespeople to connect with your audience.

Synthesia pricing: Personal plans start at $30/month and include 10 minutes of video generation.

InVideo Logo

Want a video created from a script without doing the work yourself? InVideo is here to help. Just plug in your script, hit generate, and InVideo pieces together a complete video for you using stock footage. But what if you don’t have a script handy? No worries. InVideo can take a short text prompt and generate an entire video script and storyboard around it.

While InVideo doesn’t offer true AI text-to-video creation, its smart engine finds stock video that closely matches your script or prompt. It adds polished subtitles over the footage to bring your words to life on screen. The first draft it spits out makes a great starting point for your video. Though not perfect, InVideo picked relevant scenes for my “best vacation spots” video, like Parisian footage when suggesting Paris.

However, you may need to tweak some parts to get a fully satisfying final cut. During my tests, some suggested clips felt a bit off-base for my prompt. Thankfully, InVideo provides intuitive editing tools to customize the video to your liking. You can replace clips, edit subtitles, modify layouts, and more using the handy timeline and menus.

Overall, InVideo feels versatile for many video needs, offering handy templates, music options, and creative layouts to spice things up. While it requires some refinement on your end, InVideo can seriously cut down production time if you lack footage or inspiration. It’s a helpful aid for any video creator strapped for assets but brimming with ideas.

InVideo pricing: The free plan allows 15 minutes of watermarked video sharing via link. Their Business paid plan starts at $30/month for 40 minutes, 60 HD video exports, and no watermark.

Fliki Logo

Want an easy way to make engaging social media videos? Fliki‘s got you covered. Its magic combo of text-to-speech and customization tools lets you quickly whip up share-worthy content.

Using Fliki is super simple – just type in your script and pair it with visuals. You can even browse Fliki’s voice library to find the perfect narrator, then adjust the tone, pitch, and pacing of the speech. This makes it so easy to customize the vibe to match your brand. A few clicks gives you a polished video post ready for your followers.

While not the most flexible video editor out there, Fliki shines for social media needs. Beyond YouTube, TikTok and Instagram, you can also create podcasts or even audiobooks by using Fliki’s text-to-speech instead of your own voice recording.

So if you’re looking for a fuss-free way to repurpose content across platforms, Fliki is a great pick. It may not have every bell and whistle, but for pumping out shareable social videos in minutes flat, you’d be hard pressed to find something simpler. Give Fliki a try if you need to step up your social game without working overtime!

Fliki pricing: The free tier enables 5 minutes of 720p watermarked video monthly. Their paid Standard plan is $28/month for 180 minutes of 1080p video without watermarks.

Descript Logo

Sick of endlessly watching raw footage to edit videos? I feel your pain. I usually record way more than I need – like 10-20 times more! But Descript makes editing way less painful.

Instead of scrolling through a timeline, Descript lets you edit by editing the transcript. It automatically transcribes your video and divides it into scenes. To cut parts, just highlight and delete sections of the transcript. Descript removes them from the video for you – no tedious timeline tweaking needed!

Descript also makes adding B-roll a breeze. Just type a slash in the transcript to divide scenes. Click the scene image, then Descript’s media library to find awesome stock footage to insert. When you play the video, it will cut to the new clips right where you marked the script.

The workflow is super slick. You can mark up the full transcript with edits first, then easily add visuals and sound later. But old-school timeline editing is still there if you prefer. Overall, Descript saves massive time and headache. You can record freely, knowing you won’t waste hours cherry picking gold nuggets from a mountain of footage.

Descript pricing: The free plan includes 1 hour of transcription and 1 watermark-free 720p video export. Their paid Creator plan starts at $12/month with 10 hours of transcription and unlimited 4K video exports without watermarks.

Runway Logo

At first glance, Runway seems like a magic wand for video editing. But like any magic, the results depend on the wizard wielding it. This powerful app offers an impressive set of AI tools, but you’ll need to put in work to master them.

The interface looks slick and pro-grade but isn’t too hard to grasp. The awesome video tutorials clearly explain each feature through examples, so getting started is pretty smooth.

Beyond standard AI video cleanup tools, Runway brings some serious generative magic. Transform backgrounds with green screen effects, generate custom text and images, replace objects in scenes – the creative options are dazzling. You can even train your own AI models! But fair warning, the results can range from mind-blowing to totally trippy depending on your prompts.

Runway definitely rewards time invested to learn it. While not as simple as other options, with practice it allows for effects that rival After Effects. If you’re willing to level up your skills, Runway’s versatile AI toolkit will give your videos some serious wow-factor. Just be ready to geek out on the tutorials first before diving into the deep end!

Runway pricing: Users get a free plan with 125 video credits for AI features, 3 projects, and 720p exports. Their paid Standard plan is $15/user/month for 625 credits and 4K video exports.

Peech Logo

Sick of repackaging the same old content for different platforms? I don’t blame you. Peech aims to automate that grind and make repurposing video less tedious.

Peech Lite, the core product, lets you set up branding assets like logos and colors once. It then automatically applies them to all your videos for a consistent look. Peech also detects faces and adds editable name cards onscreen. This saves time repeatedly formatting videos for each channel.

Peech offers more specialized tools too. Peech Webinars helps turn long recordings into snackable social clips. Peech Testimonials generates polished client review videos from simple email invites.

While pricing is on the steeper side, Peech streamlines cross-channel content production. If juggling multiple videos, platforms and styles has you burnt out, Peech’s automation can refresh your workflow. Spend less time wrangling assets and more time creating.

Peech pricing: The free version allows 1 user, 2 videos monthly, 5-minute uploads, and a watermark. Their Pro paid plan begins at $59/month for up to 10 videos monthly, 50-minute uploads, and no watermark.

OpusClip Logo

Expanding your video presence across platforms takes serious time – especially repurposing content. But Opus Clip streamlines remixing videos for new formats like TikTok and YouTube Shorts.

Just provide Opus Clip with an existing video’s URL. It analyzes the content, identifying engaging moments and viral potential. Then it generates optimized short clips complete with catchy subtitles and titles.

Powered by GPT-3, Opus Clip shows real comprehension of your video when crafting its cuts and descriptions. The clips are prepped for posting across your channels. You can tweak edits if desired, but the AI does the heavy lifting.

While a specialized tool, Opus Clip excels at recycling long videos into snackable social content. If cross-channel management has you stretched thin, its automation liberates your time for strategy over busywork. Breath new life into your content library with Opus Clip.

Opus Clip pricing: Their Essential plan costs $19/month for 200 upload minutes, AI curation, and auto posting to major platforms.

Unleash Your Creative Potential

After reviewing all these game-changing AI video tools, one thing is clear – producing engaging videos is now faster and easier than ever before. While creating great content still requires creativity and strategy, you no longer have to sacrifice huge chunks of time to handle every step manually.

The right AI-powered software can slash editing time, generate polished videos from scripts, and even repurpose content automatically across platforms. Whether you’re a social media manager, YouTube creator, or marketing team of one, AI video assistants enable you to produce more high-quality videos in less time.

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